Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dives and Lenient Refereeing: Just What Arsenal Need To Win

Santi Cazorla Dive
You Know You Faked It Santi!
A dive for the first goal and a foul, that was not given, before the penalty.
So now we need such decisions from the referee to win games?
Not being too critical here, and I know these kinds of decisions sometimes go for you and sometimes go against you. But it never pleases me when any team wins with goals literally "awarded" to them. Yes, Arsenal were in deep crisis. We desperately needed the 3 points. But not like the way we did.

We could have done little regarding the decisions  though. The right to make the final decision rests on the referee. It is the referee who decides what is a foul and what is not. He saw it his way and made his decision, right or wrong. The apology from Wenger regarding the dive from Santi was a real welcome. It seems his "I didn't see it" line is going out of fashion!

We created numerous opportunities in the game but it never looked like we would score with the players on the pitch. Arsenal need to be concerned. They won't get things their way in every game, will they?

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