Friday, December 7, 2012

Arsenal Vs West Brom: Another Banana Skin On The Cards?

Arsenal Vs West Brom

West Brom are a team which started very well in the league this season, which saw them stay in the top 4 of the EPL table for much of the season so far. Infact, they only dropped to 5th after last week's defeat. However, most expected their fine run to come to an end.

Giroud Arsenal
Giroud Not "there" Yet?
West Brom, by no means, are in a disaster. They are still 5 points ahead of Arsenal and 3 clear of 6th placed Everton. They might not be as potent as they were early in the season when they often outplayed even the big boys of the Premier League but they did enough to prove that they could hurt even the best. They certainly have quality players in their team who could hurt any team with Odemwinge and Shane Long leading their ranks.

Arsenal have been far from convincing this season. Our performance is quite rightly reflected by our current league position, a paltry 10th! We are yet to see a convincing performance, both attacking wise and defensive wise from Arsenal this season. When we have tried to be defensive, we have found it hard to score goals at the other end. And when we have tried to be attacking, we have left gaping holes at the back for the other teams to exploit. We just have not found that balance yet.

Podolski and Wallcot are out for the match and I don't know where the goals will come from. Giroud has been improving but he has not become "dependable" yet(maybe that is why he recently claimed he picked the wrong time to join Arsenal!). With Odemwinge and Shane Long in the opposite team, Arsenal will do well if they can keep a clean sheet, which is most unlikely. I have a "Banana-Skin" feeling about this match....again!

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