Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prudence Costs Arsenal Dearly

For quite some time now, Arsenal have always shown prudence in the transfer market for which they have been criticised by some and hailed by others. However, it is now clear that their policy of not spending at all was a complete failure. They have not won anything because of that.

One could argue that when they did spend last year, they still managed to win nothing. However the singings that were made(Arteta,Mertesacker,Benayoun), with all due respect, though were quality signings but are by no stretch of imagination, world beaters.

Seemingly out of greed to save a few million pounds, Arsenal missed out on signing good players (apparently including David Silva!) or keeping their own players. It has backfired,big time. Now, they will need to spend far more than what would have been required had they spent those extra millions if they are to make this team more competitive. How us Arsenal fans would have loved those in the Arsenal hierarchy to have the same greed for trophies rather than for money. Will we live to see that happen?

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