Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wilshere's Progress: Good or Bad?

Jack Wilshere Arsenal
Wilshere Has Grown In Stature

Now, don't judge me by the topic heading here. I know it is stupid. Of course Wilshere's progress is GOOD for everyone!

Wilshere is an outstanding player which he proved again in the mid-week international friendly against Brazil by running the show in mid-field and claiming the MOTM award in the process. He was praised for his performance from everywhere. The papers, the pundits, fellow players,fans...everyone. If the world had not realized what Wilshere could do, they were left wondering what he could not do after the match.

What is my point? Let me sum up my point in a sentence : "If Arsenal were badly in need of a trophy, they need it sooner than ever". Otherwise....its back to "reality check" every year for the last few years at Arsenal.

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