Friday, February 8, 2013

Arsenal Top of The League And Sunderland Vs Arsenal Preview

Sunderland Vs Arsenal

To Start off with, it has just been revealed that Arsenal would be joint top of the league if we were to remove the first half of matches! Here is the link to how the table would look.

The race for the top four is hotting up. Arsenal are five points behind third placed Chelsea and four behind fourth placed Spurs. Everton are just a single point ahead of us at fifth.  The first team to blink will be left behind.

Arsenal, needless to say are placed much worse than the other three above us.Such is the situation that Arsenal  put themselves in that anything less than three points will pile more pressure on us as we will slip further behind in the table which could open the doors for Liverpool to take over us!.

The team news ahead of the game is not encouraging too. Vermaelen and Koscielny are out and it could mean Sebastian "What is defending?" Squilachi will start in defense alongside Per Mertesacker.We have  been leaking goals even with Vermaelen or Koscielny in defense. With Squilachi, we are most certain to do it!

We have seldom performed well immediately after an International break. Fatigue will be an issue as most of our players played over 60 minutes during the break. Lets hope a certain "Wilshere" will bail our team again.

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