Saturday, November 17, 2012


The international matches came and went like a flash. A single set of matches placed between hectic league football matches only serves the purpose of inflicting fatigue or injuries to players in the view of most fans and experts alike. I personally do not like such matches as Arsenal usually produce miserable outings after such breaks. However there have been no injuries and our regulars did not get 90 minutes for their countries and added to that,the world was treated with one of the greatest goals ever thanks to Zlatan Ibrohimovic.Not a bad break was it?

Lets get to the point now. The north-London derby day is upon us.Arsenal had a decent start to the season but then their form took a nosedive.Tottenham had been playing decently until they suffered two successive defeats in their last two matches. Both teams are desperate for all three points to stay in contention(at least for the top 4). However, more than points,as is always the case with derbies, honor of both the clubs are at stake.Coupled with the mid-week international break, I have a feeling that both teams will be cautious in their approach and play to "not lose". For some reason,I feel that the build up to the game has not been as good as could have been,maybe because of the international break.The build up has been a very subdued one from recent derbies. We have been served with some crackers in the previous seasons and hopefully it will bill up to the expectations once again.Arsenal used the very game last season to give a lift to their season last season and hopefully it will be the same this year. We certainly hope that it is a calm before the storm; a storm that will  blow away our hated neighbors!

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