Sunday, November 11, 2012


I don't think one needs to be a rocket scientist to understand that Arsenal FC are in deep trouble right now. Arsenal are currently sitting 8th in the BPL 10 points adrift of the leaders Man Utd and their qualification to the knockout stage of the UCL still hanging in the balance.It is fair to say that at least the premier league is out of our reach now.I don't think anyone expects us to genuinely challenge for the UCL.FA cup and Capital One Cup?Arsene has made it more than clear that they are not among his priorities.

There are rumors that Arsene is going to splash 30mil+ on Cavani and he is also looking to spend on Taarabt,Zaha,etc.These are very unlikely to come to Arsenal.Why?Too expensive in Wenger's eyes.Le prof will not spend more than 16mil on a player(he never has). I won't criticize him for that. That is his way of dealing with player transfers and I respect that.Even if we wore to bring these players, they are not be our long-term solution.The real problem at Arsenal is defensive solidity(how many times have I mentioned that in my previous posts!). Right now,you will not find anyone who will say Arsenal will keep a clean sheet;against any team.They will give opportunities to the opponent to score;that is almost a certainty nowadays. This is what gives any team playing against Arsenal confidence that they can get a result.

The solution; we must develop the ability to keep clean sheets.You just cannot expect to outscore every opponent which we are doing at the moment.Honestly, I do not think we will sign any of the aforementioned and I will not be unhappy with that. I would be more happy if we keep clean sheets.Let the other teams feel that they have no chance of scoring against us.That will instill at least some fear in them.We have lost our fear-factor  and it is time we get it back-through defensive solidity.

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