Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yet Another Loss For Arsenal Fans

Arsenal fans protest
Clash Among Arsenal Fans Is Not Good For The Club
 News of clashes between Arsenal fans protesting with "Wenger Out" banners and those against it in the FA cup tie against Brighton is something that is not a complete surprise but certainly not something that you like to hear as an Arsenal fan.

There are many fans who are frustrated with the Club and the manager.They seem less interested in making a good team than making more money. Most of all, they seem to have complete disregard towards the fan. Yet, what is also true is that there are those who think we should stick with the manager and get behind the club. That is not wrong by any means. A coin has too sides to it.

What is wrong is fighting amongst ourselves. It is as if we were not satisfied with a weak team, now we are making the unity of fans more weaker. What it only does is create divisions and make the club weaker. We are entitled to have our opinions. Lets not force our opinions on others, especially on those who support our own club!

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