Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Heights In Poor Defending And Bergkamp Back At Arsenal

Poor Defending Cost Us Vital Points
 Arsenal have never known what is seemed that way when you watched them in action yesterday,especially for the goals. That was no defending. That was calamity. No wonder Arsenal are lingering at sixth. No wonder Arsenal are written off to win any trophy at all.

Not that we were defending like champions before last night. But last night, it almost seemed like we were trying to beat our own mark at defending poorly! We all know that a good team is built on the foundations of a strong defense(at least I do...just read my previous posts). Based last night...we were far from a good team. Yes, we came back after going 2-0 down and created a lot in the second half, maybe we could have nicked a win. But, we have to remember that we were playing against a side that had, before last night, never won against a to 10 side in the premier league and had just lost to a league one side. Liverpool are a big club but no longer do they have a competitive team at the highest level. Sadly, nor do we.
Bergkamp Heading Back To Arsenal
In other news, announced yesterday that Liam Brady, our youth coach, is leaving the club after 25 years of service to the club. He is a true club legend and had a glittering career, both as a player and as a youth coach. It is sad to see him leave. However, it has emerged that Dennis Bergkamp, the legend himself, is poised to fill in the vacant post left by Liam Brady. At least, we can be assured that our youths will be in good hands. And who knows, it could be a trial for Bergkamp to ultimately take the helm at Arsenal's first team!

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