Friday, January 11, 2013

Let Us Pray For Arsenal

Arsenal Pray
Lets Pray

We must think positively. We must be optimistic.....True.

But if you tell Arsenal will win against Man City, even when Man City are not at the top of their game, even if they have not won at our home since 1975, that is asking too much, at least for me.

Here is an Arsenal side who have been so up and down this season. They have not hit the "world-beaters" level this season when they went "up" but when they stooped.....they stooped so low that they lost against a league one side playing with first team regulars and missing out, perhaps on the only chance to win a trophy in all these years. We have been very poor and inconsistent all season. There were a few bright sparks in some matches.....which were duly distinguished in the following match.

If you still tell me we will win.....that we can rely on the team that we have(at least this season)....that is beyond optimism....And if we tell this to the Arsenal board....they don't have ears to listen to the fans but fingers to count the money they make......The only thing I(and we) can do is....pray. Pray that Man City have a bad day in front of goal and Arsenal nick a goal or two.

Let Us Pray Together For Arsenal.

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