Sunday, December 2, 2012



Le prof is at it again.
Arsene Wenger recently told the media:

 "I want our fans to be happy and over the moon, but I cannot say it affects the way I feel, because I feel I have to focus on the job and see how we can sort our problems out."

He also pointed out, again, that splashing the cash is not what he is looking for and is looking to solve problems "internally". How many times have we heard this before!Does that mean there will be no signings of note in January?

Does he even know where our happiness lies? When was the last time we were happy with our team? When was the last time something was actually done "for" the fans. Clearly, fans are not in your plans Mr.Wenger. When you say "I cannot say fans' reaction affect the way I feel" it actually means "I don't feel for the fans".
"Over the moon?" Yeah right. You actually mean "Desert fans on the moon!".

I admit it. I have, maybe, been too harsh with the choice of my words here. In fact, I still believe in the manager. I am not one of those wants him sacked. And I would suggest everyone to get behind our manager and the team,still. Our club undertook a project to build a new,young team after the "Invincibles" under our manger and we have flunked it. The manager needs to realize this and move on. Year-in year-out the same approach is taken and the outcome gets worse every year. I hope he awakens from his slumber now, because right now, we need him to deliver more than ever.    

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