Friday, December 28, 2012

Holtby="Exceptional Talent"

Lewis Holtby Shalke
Lewis Holtby is Undoubtedly an "Exceptional Talent"
Lewis Holtby has recently claimed that he will be leaving Shalke after he confirmed that he will not sign a new contract with the club. Now, there is no doubt about the talent instilled in this particular player. He has proven time and again how good he is through his exploits on the fields. He has not yet reached the heights of Mario Gotze, who has arguably become a world-class player and is a Bundesliga hot property at the moment. But the good thing is that most people admit that Holtby is next in line to "greatness". I still remember a few seasons ago when he was so influential in getting Mainz, a team that had just been promoted to the Bundesliga that season, to the top of the league for half the season beating almost all of the heavy-weights of the Bundesliga on their way. Holtby took the Bundesliga by storm that season. His performances even got him a place in the German senior side. He was all over the news that season and although he does not make the front page as often now a days, very few can question his performances and talents.

The news that he will not be extending his contract would have alerted a lot of clubs, ofcourse. Le Prof would also be looking at this as an opportunity, to strengthen our beleaguered squad as well as to add an "exceptional" talent, as he puts it. It will be difficult, but if he pulls this one off, it will be one of his major coup during his reign. 

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