Friday, November 30, 2012


arsenal swansea

Swansea were promoted to the EPL only last year. They played good football and deservedly stayed up. This year too, even after loosing their influential mid-field duo of Scott Sinclair and Joe Allen, they have played well to be at 8th in the table just 1 point below Arsenal. Clearly, it will be a close game. 

We won 1-0 in the same fixture last year and lost 3-2 while playing away to Swansea last season. Gone are the days when newly promoted teams did not stand a chance against the big boys. It is a credit to the lower leagues of English Football. But it is also a cruel fact that Arsenal have become pretty average over years.
There is not a single guaranteed point for Arsenal in the league.

I know I sound a bit pessimistic but Arsenal just have not been good enough this season. They are playing like a mid-table team which is rightly and deservedly reflected by their current position in the league at the moment,7th.There is a need to take some radical measures more than ever. Desperate times are ahead at Arsenal and as they say " Desperate times require desperate measures". 


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