Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The human mind is programmed to support its "claims" no matter how fantastic(and often contradicting their own claims) the "claims" are. It has,like most of the things in this world,good and bad aspects.What is the good side and what is the bad side depends upon the perception of people and varies from person to person.What is "good" for one is likely to be "bad" for others.Where am I getting with this?A cousin of mine is a Liverpool fan and when Brendan Rodgers was appointed as the Liverpool manager,the first thing I remember him saying is (obviously excitedly so)"we are getting tiki-taka football at Anfield".That was obviously expected by many with reference to the type of football Rodgers was acclaimed for at Swansea last season.A few days ago,when two giants of world football in Barcelona and Real Madrid clashed,he said "Barcelona just pass the ball and that is it.It is so boring!".Oh the Human mind!

A news today has circulated that the ex-Arsenal player Hleb said that he learnt more from Wenger. Well if you play regularly at a club and don't get many games at another club even as a sub,it is obvious where you would be learning more from.

Another popular news in Arsenal blogs and forums at the moment is that Arsenal are readying an offer of 40m pounds for Falcao. Well,I do not know about that;but I do know that it will cost us 0 pounds to dream!

In other news,Wallcot and his agents are steel seeking to get a pay rise if a new deal is signed with Arsenal.
On this subject,Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood commented "We have got our general overall wage structure and we are not prepared to break it for anybody". .Well obviously Mr.Peter,this is not applicable to Ivan Gazidis who received a pay rise to 2mil pounds and though not revealed entirely,I have a feeling, among the ones to receive a pay rise is a certain Peter Hill-Wood too.Is it ethically correct then to come out and claim that another person does not deserve a pay rise when you are receiving one yourself? Oh the Human mind!

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