Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yesterday's defeat against Norwich condemned Arsenal to their second defeat of the season.Yet, Arsenal are already 10 points behind the league leaders Chelsea.It is very early to state that Chelsea will win the league.However,it is almost certain that Arsenal will need a miracle to overtake Chelsea at the top.I don't think Arsenal were really one of the title contenders.Most experts expected the same specially after RVP left.But a few fans and experts did have some raised hopes after Arsenal had an encouraging start to the season.Not even the most optimistic of fans would expect Arsenal to challenge for the Premier League now.
It is now a race to finish in the top 4 for Arsenal from now on in my opinion.Maybe they can take a dig at other competitions(judging by yesterday's performance, a big maybe).

Some might think it is too early for making any predictions as such but Arsenal fans have just got to look at Arsenal's last 8 seasons.For me the main problem was conceding goals.Again and again we concede goals.A top team must be able to keep clean sheets.We had 3....then had nothing.That is just not acceptable.I have mentioned many times previously that if a team does not concede, it has every chance of winning a game;unless of course if you are Real Madrid or Barcelona who can outscore their opponents (yesterdays 5-4 win for Barcelona against Deportivo,what a game!).Manchester City too,managed to outscore West Brom and so did Manchester United who did it against Stoke.But the key difference here is that Arsenal do not have world class players aplenty in their squad like all the teams I just mentioned(you can't deny that,can you?).We do not have a player who can almost single-handedly propel their team to a win.(Messi scored thrice, Dzeko twice,Rooney twice;an they have done it consistently).Giroud or Gervinho or Wallcot are not at the same level, atleast not yet.It is a bitter pill to swallow but it is the truth.We must keep it tight at the back and then hope(yes...hope) we can score.

Our next game is against Shalke and I think it will be another banana skin after I saw Shalke beat Dortmund emphatically yesterday(I can just hope it is a clean sheet!).

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