Friday, September 28, 2012

To Arsenal FC Fans

A big hello to all the fans of the Arsenal Football Club (England),especially to the fellow South Asians and more specifically to the Nepalese supporters of the Arsenal FC.

As I die hard Arsenal FC fan since......antiquity(Ever since I started watching football!) it gives me great pleasure to start an Arsenal blog in the South Asian country of Nepal.

Today marks the day that the Arsenal-Nepal blog is born.The blog does not have a specific aim or direction but I am interested in sharing any knowledge about our beloved club that is Arsenal FC and would welcome your opinions and comments.

In the present environment when nothing is going right in the world,it would not be an overstatement to say that Arsenal FC supporters too would, mostly claim that it is not exactly going our way. Although we have made a decent start to the new season, the past seven (yes the number 7. It hurts me too!) have been trophy-less and largely been forgettable ones from an Arsenal point of view.This has been a torrid period, especially for the Arsenal FC fans and with the rise of Manchester City in recent years,we have seen many Arsenal FC fans swapping for the blue half of Manchester and many others are confused if they really want to support Arsenal FC!

The "real" supporters will of course support Arsenal FC through thick and through thin but it is obvious that some supporters need to be brought out of their delusions.Ultimately, it is the fans that make a club great and why should Arsenal FC loose any of its fans? I believe this blog will help in bringing Arsenal fans closer together and more importantly closer to the club they love.

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